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Thank you Carolyn Sweeney for this fine letter endorsing my campaign. I welcome any and all supporters to do the same! It's a great way to let your friends and neighbors know how you feel.


Letters to the Editor

Vote Simpson for state Senate

By Carolyn Sweeney Dixon

Sept. 7, 2018

Nov. 6 is the day Illinois voters take the responsibility to get our state back on track to greatness. 

The damage inflicted by the “Billionaire Agenda” will take years to repair, so thank goodness we have David Simpson as a candidate for state Senate. 

Lee County can send a hard-working, forward-thinking, “get the job done” regular guy as our citizen statesman. 

David loves Illinois and knows that we can do better. He has stepped up to leave his daily life to work for us in Springfield. He will be a champion of the everyday heroes who get up, take their children to school, get their job done, take care of their family and home, and support their community. 

David understands the hard work that goes into our taxes and promotes fair policies that build strong communities. He wants to see taxes go for quality education, access to medical care, a clean environment, equal justice for all, and the mechanisms of grass-roots job creation. 

David knows that healthy communities build from the ground up, not the top down. 

I have seen how hard he works. I know that he will work hard for us. 

We vote, we win.


Latest updates from the campaign: 

It has been an exciting past 7 days on the campaign. Last Tuesday we attended the Ogle County Democratic monthly meeting. Many things were discussed including the annual fundraiser coming up on October 1. Tickets are available $50. per individual and $70. per couple. Contact me if you would like tickets. 

On Wednesday we attended Action For a Better Tomorrow's event that featured Neil Mohammad and Dan Biss as speakers. Its always a pleasure to listen to insight and knowledge of whats going on out there. 

Then comes the weekend. We stopped by Waterman Fest. Train rides, pork chop dinners and great bands. We visited people we haven't seen in a log time and met some new friends.  Sunday we attended the Byron Fest Parade, joining the Ogle county Democrats and having a lot of fun. Finishing off the week was The DeKalb County Democrats annual picnic. There were many candidates and plenty of speeches to go around. All around I enjoyed spending time with everyone this past week. It's a pleasure talking and getting to know people of the 45th district. i can't wait to get out and meet you soon!

Citizens for David Simpson
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